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xx Oct 8th update changelog (Much needed CNR update)

Vehicle fuel
  • /refuel (Takes a gas can out of your inventory and refuels your car)
  • /reqfuel (Request a mechanic to refuel your vehicle
  • Gas cans are purchasable from the 24/7 shop  for $250 (Can only have one and it will be used up when you type /refuel)
  • Mechanics can refuel vehicles for you (Cost $500, gas tank from 24/7 is $250) /reqfuel (Works automatically when no mechanics are on)
  • /reqfix (/assist) will automatically refuel your vehicle for no extra cost (Still pay for the repair but the fuel is added without a price increase)
  • Pull your car over before you pause, fuel will keep ticking down if you are moving while you pause
  • You cannot refuel at the gas pumps just yet, but i am planning on adding that, and making refueling points for planes!
  • i have planned to make fuel costs at gas stations dynamic (Increases and decreases with demand) but it will always be cheaper than gas cans and /reqfuel

Misc bug fixes
  • Fixed ancient bug where truck/pilot checkpoints would get stuck and sometimes display for players outside of cnr when they join
  • Fixed bug with fishing payout not being the same as the message says it was
In the works
  • Added some framework for trucking convoys (Have not tested yet, has a long way to go)


xx Quick post to announce the new board icons

i've added some new board icons as you can see.

if anyone finds any missing icons let me know and i'll fix them.

smiley Samp server attack (We are still online!)

For the past few days we, and also a few other samp servers, have been experiencing a very large bot flood and server query flood. This is causing the server to appear offline, when in reality it is still online.

I have been experimenting with ways to help lessen the impact of this flood, and have had a difficult time doing so,  but have found a way that helps enough for the server to be visible again (It still sometimes shows as offline even tho the server is online).

If the server appears offline in your client, still try to connect. The server will be online.

Also only use ip to connect.


sad Database Disaster. (Everything is now online!!!)

On sunday night around 10pm i totally messed up. I deleted all the databases for everything. Everything from minecraft, samp, forum, wiki, and my hosted tab monitor. But luckily i was able to rollback everything with a backup that was roughly 20 hours old.

Any stats, or forum posts made within the 20 hour period are lost unfortunately.  :'(

Sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused anyone.

There is still a few services such as the wiki and minecraft that are currently offline yet. I will be restoring them tomorrow after work and i will update this post when that is finished.

xx New features for the forum

Hello all, i've got some new features added to the forum.
here are just a few:

Forum mentions
Mentions: @Badger
to use it just type @ and then begin typing someones name (An autocomplete thing will popup)
you can view your mentions in your profile tab.

Buddy list on your profile
Speaking of profiles you can now add and see buddies on your forum profile.
<- There will also be an option to add someone as your buddy by clicking the little gray thing over there in their post somewhere.
(You can edit your buddies by clicking here: and going to Modify profile, then clicking buddie...

xx new ip for the SAMP server

add that ip to your favorites and remove the old one

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