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xx 08/04/2017 update to the server

My work:
Code: [Select]
Added /moneyhelp command so new players can learn money making methods
Updated the rules with a lot of new things, Be sure you read them /rules
Removed /gangwars and /exitgangwars from /cmds
Added /moneyhelp to /cmds dialog
Replaced the charlie messages that said we are looking for staff with one that adverts /moneyhelp and /cnr
Added quick withdraw buttons in /bank for common ammounts (EG lotto money, property money)
Fixed bug that let you /mute and /kick users that weren't even online
Added /offlineban (Nick did most of it)

Nicks work:
Code: [Select]
Fixed ban dialog when you try to join the server.
Fixed the length issue in property messages.
check database ids of the vehicle owner instead of the username to help prevent issues with people that have upper and lower case letters in their names.
made geoip stuff more accurate
+ some more misc updates/fixes/tweaks


xx New features for the forum

Hello all, i've got some new features added to the forum.
here are just a few:

Forum mentions
Mentions: @Badger
to use it just type @ and then begin typing someones name (An autocomplete thing will popup)
you can view your mentions in your profile tab.

Buddy list on your profile
Speaking of profiles you can now add and see buddies on your forum profile.
<- There will also be an option to add someone as your buddy by clicking the little gray thing over there in their post somewhere.
(You can edit your buddies by clicking here: and going to Modify profile, then clicking buddie...

xx new ip for the SAMP server

add that ip to your favorites and remove the old one

xx Server Maintenance (10/17/2016 Around 9PM Chicago time)

Hi there i will be doing some upgrades to the vps on Monday 10/17/2016 Around 9PM Chicago time, that runs sa-mp, teamspeak, and minecraft. I will be upgrading to a newer version of the os we use. I am also getting rid of the vps i use for minecraft and i will be running minecraft on the sa-mp/teamspeak vps again. I plan on upgrading the vps to a larger more capable one.

Server ip's will stay the same exept for the minecraft server (If you use the domain you will not notice a diffrence)

Expected downtime may vary between 1-3 hours. This may change per service, as in it may take longer to get the samp server back online compared to the minecraft and teamspeak servers.

I will update this post as the time gets closer.

xx important discussion about shit posts.

Lately we have had users posting stupid shit on the forum on old topics to boost their post count because they think it gives them a better chance at mod. So to prevent this in the future i have been locking old topics.. So if you see a topic that is locked without any reason, or if your topic gets locked.. This is the reason why.

Note: i won't be locking topics that are still open for discussion, so if you wanna post in the counting game, or contribute to a bug report, or something similar, those topics should remain unlocked.

Now, have a wall of locks!
 :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :l...

xx Good news for the MC server

Within 24 hours we have already gotten a lot of people interested in returning. Myself, Moon, and Nick have already started work on the server, no exact ETA on when it will be done, probably before October. Myself and the others will be working night and day to get it built and epic looking, Moon was on earlier to help build some stuff for spawn, nick will probably start building stuff tomorrow, i'll be on tonight to get spawn all done up.

We will probably have a public beta up within at least early/mid September-ish(Don't quote me on this) for a week or two where you guys can join and give input on everything. If everything goes smooth in the public beta we will open it up to the public.

Plan: So initially we are probably going to take it slow, just an OPF...

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