xx Questions in regards to the possible future of CNR

This is just a test of what features people might want in CNR, i don't know yet if i will implement any of them but i've been thinking about redoing a lot of CNR so i want some feedback on potential features in case i decide to.

[Info about jobs]
Jobs would be a replacement for classes if added. Every user would start out as a civilian and would then go to get a job as a lumberjack or a pilot or a trucker or a police man. Every civilian would be able to rob while they are unemployed. Some jobs would require tests to be taken to get employed: EG police academy, pilot school.

Jobs would save so whenever you join CNR you start where you last logged out then you can continue that job or quit and find a new one.

[Better UI/interface meaning]
This might confuse some of you, but i'm refering changes such as:
Better class selection
Better CNR inventory screen
Better shop menus
and so on.

[Experience and levels instead of master classes]
This feature would do away with master classes and instead add xp to your account, leveling up would take say, 50xp for the 1st level 100xp for 2nd level and so on.
having higher levels would reward you more for your job/so on

[More indepth gameplay]
This would make tedious stuff like fishing/robbing a bit more advanced, requiring say you pointing a gun at a clerk to rob the store, or actually throwing out a fishing reel and reeling it back in to catch a fish instead of it being all automatic

[Any more questions?]
Reply to this topic if you don't understand one of the voting options, i will try to explain them

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