xx 08/04/2017 update to the server

My work:
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Added /moneyhelp command so new players can learn money making methods
Updated the rules with a lot of new things, Be sure you read them /rules
Removed /gangwars and /exitgangwars from /cmds
Added /moneyhelp to /cmds dialog
Replaced the charlie messages that said we are looking for staff with one that adverts /moneyhelp and /cnr
Added quick withdraw buttons in /bank for common ammounts (EG lotto money, property money)
Fixed bug that let you /mute and /kick users that weren't even online
Added /offlineban (Nick did most of it)

Nicks work:
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Fixed ban dialog when you try to join the server.
Fixed the length issue in property messages.
check database ids of the vehicle owner instead of the username to help prevent issues with people that have upper and lower case letters in their names.
made geoip stuff more accurate
+ some more misc updates/fixes/tweaks

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