xx Changelog for 07/10/2019 | Minor tweaks and fixes

Changelog for 07/10/2019


Bounties now cost 10x more to pay off in /shop than the bounty is worth

lowered achievements for 10,000 deaths and 10,000 kills to 5,000 deaths and 5,000 kills

Removed gate at k.a.c.c base that prevented you from driving in without boost enabled

New command

Added command to remove front and rear bumpers off your car /removebumpers

Bug fixes

/playsound can now be used by VIPs (Was for admin only before)

going into /neons and removing your neons appears to now fix the bug where neons are only on one side and were previously stuck permanently

Portable radio may or may not be fixed? i haven't tested it but anyone should be able to place them and have anyone within range of the radio hear it now

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